There are options.

Offering Surgical & Medical Abortions
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You may not be ready to be the mother you want to be.

Did you learn that there is something wrong with your pregnancy?

Do you feel alone and confused? We can help.

If you’re considering an abortion, Southwestern Women’s offers emotional and physical support to help you along the way. With locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Dallas, Texas, we treat all of our patients with warmth and respect, while providing high quality medical care and compassionate counseling.

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1st Trimester Medical and Surgical Abortions
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Patient Stories

“God gave us the ability”

I am a Catholic and I am not happy about the situation, but God gave us the ability to think and for us to used our judgement, and especially to be our own person and I feel that I did this to help out the child and me. I can barely take care of myself and I don’t want to struggle after with a kid. I need to accomplish my goals and do what I need to get done before I have to be altering that. Trust me, don’t ever regret something because you wanted it at some point.

I am 36 with two teenagers. There is no way with my situation that I could start all over again. Thank you to the wonderful staff. This was a comfortable environment and I appreciate everything they did to make a horrible situation as comfortable as possible.

I had an apt in the middle of the day so I had to leave work early in which I hate doing because i need all the money I can get… On the hand out I was given they said it would take between 2 and 4 hours. I was in and out in under an hour. The staff was really friendly and welcoming. If I had to go there again I would. 10 stars from me they deserve it.

“I will make it for me and my kids”

I am 22 years old and have 2 kids. One is almost 4 years old and recently diagnosed with autism, and a 5 month old. They are my world and I am a single parent in college. I will make it for me and my kids. This baby will always be a part of my life. I have always been pro-choice and actually going through this empowers me in what it means to be a woman.

More Than One Abortion

This has been my 2nd termination in 4 months. I struggle daily within my own mind, but I know the decision I made was the right one. No matter how hard it was. Be safe ladies and know that there is support out there. Good luck in life and know that in your heart, no matter how hard it may have been, you made the right decision.

“Abortion is not bad”

I’m only 17 years old, I’ve never had kids, or been pregnant, but I can honestly say this decision was a hard one. Before now, I never would have even considered abortion. I love this clinic and the people in it. Everyone here was so kind. I do feel bad, but I believe this was the right thing to do. I’d just like to say that no one’s a bad person for doing this. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. Abortion is NOT bad.

Dr. Robinson, who provides care in our Albuquerque clinic, talks about her work

“If you are secretive, you are sort of colluding in the stigma of abortion,” Robinson said. “Now when people ask what I do, I say, ‘My specialty is abortion care, and I love my job!’ ”

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