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Southwestern Women’s Options

Southwestern Women’s Options was founded in 1985. We have a long history of providing care to the people of New Mexico and beyond. Our current location, opened in 2008, is a pillar of the abortion community in Albuquerque and plans to remain as such for years to come.

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Feel Safe & Protected

Feel safe and protected to obtain the information needed to make decisions about your body. At Southwestern Women’s Options, it’s our mission to remind you that there are options.

Not all abortion care and pregnancy option clinics are the same. At Southwestern Women’s Options, you benefit from the education and training of our skilled staff under the guidance of exceptional providers.

Patients experience a safe and tranquil setting to ask the questions they need in order to make educated decisions about their bodies. We invite you to visit our clinic, where we provide health care options uniquely suited for individuals seeking abortion care and pregnancy option services.

Patient Reviews


This place is wonderful! I was so scared and nervous before coming here, but they exceeded my expectations and made my experience a breeze. The nurses were all so nice and helpful, and I was talked through the whole process by my bedside. The first visit took 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the second visit was 1 hour and 30 minutes, even with me showing up late. They are quick and efficient! This was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life, but the staff here made it easy for me. Thank you for the wonderful service!!


The staff was very friendly and informative. They made me feel 110% safe and welcomed, and comfortable. They truly do care for their patients and their health and wellness. Would STRONGLY recommend it if you are thinking of having an abortion. The process can be tough and emotional, but the staff and doctors and team make everything super welcome, and they do not judge. On the form, they even ask for your preferred pronouns! They make sure you are comfortable through the whole process. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!!


I can not express how amazing this clinic staff was. The staff, nurses, counselors, and doctor were all so nice, non-judgmental, informative, and overall just very calming… I didn’t get a chance to thank the counselor that was in there with me, so Rach, if you read this, thank you so much for the peace you brought me… Robin and Dr. Gilbert, thank you, too, for being so sweet. Really the whole staff here is so great.


I’ve been here twice, and each time went so smoothly. The staff does an amazing job of making you comfortable throughout the whole process 🙂 both times, I was surprised at how fast and painless the procedure/aftercare was… I called the clinic several times to ask questions, and they give you a bunch of information about the whole process, so they make it really easy to be informed about any questions you may have…


I’d give this place 100 stars if I could. Everyone is so nice and reassuring. Abortion is not an easy decision to make, and these women offer constant guidance and reassurance. My nurse Faith was one of the nicest, most understanding people I’ve ever met. The procedure, while uncomfortable, was quick, and they work hard to manage your pain and make sure you’re okay before discharge. If you’re considering abortion, I HIGHLY recommend this place.”\


I got my procedure done today, and I had nothing but a good experience. The ladies at this facility were very polite & they helped me get through this event. They were kind, understanding & overall professional. Thank you, ladies, for your support!