There are periodically pieces written about Dr. Curtis Boyd and Glenna Halvorson-Boyd, Ph.D. due to their long history working in abortion. Much of the recent media attention on our clinic has been about a program created in collaboration with New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and First Unitarian Church of Dallas helping Texans access abortion care in New Mexico.


Dr. Curtis Boyd: A Lifetime at the Borders of Abortion’s Legality

“Boyd, now 85, provided illegal abortions to patients in the pre-Roe era. Post-Roe, he successfully ran two abortion clinics—one in Dallas and one in Albuquerque, N.M.—devoting much of his career to crossing and re-crossing the Texas-New Mexico border alongside his wife and business partner, Dr. Glenna Halvorson-Boyd, a reproductive rights activist and trainer of abortion counselors.”

Before Roe, A Baptist Preacher Performed Abortions in Secret. Now, He’s Helping Texans.

“Halvorson-Boyd was herself a counselor, and listening to patients day in and out, she soon came to realize, she says, that ‘no one knows what they would do until it’s their pregnancy at that point in their life.’ Whatever their decision, Halvorson-Boyd says, ‘women are moral beings’ who ‘should be the moral agent in their own life.’”


Al Jazeera, Fault Lines: The End of Roe v Wade

Drs. Boyd featured at 8:55, 14:54 and 23:51

MSNBC: Women Travel Across States for Abortion Under Restrictive Law

Dr. Boyd at 2:32

CNN: ‘Devastating’: Doctor Speaks Out on Texas 6-week Abortion Ban

One of our providers, Dr. Allison Gilbert, was interviewed about the Texas 6-week abortion ban in September 2021, the first of its kind to hold. “I’m an ‘abortion provider’…I’m actually quite proud of that label.”


Reveal: The Religious Right Mobilized to End Roe. Now What?

Dr. Boyd at 38:40

The Sum of Us

Episode 7: Dallas, TX to Albuquerque, NM: A Journey of Faith for Reproductive Rights

Crossing the Line

Episode 1: A Prayer for Choice

Episode 2: God Trusts Me