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The People’s Lawsuit Gears Up to Fight Back Against Texas Abortion Restrictions

A coalition of reproductive health, rights and justice organizations in Texas are filing a lawsuit against the State for the many unnecessary abortion restrictions sanctioned by state legislature.  Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, the Afiya Center, Fund Texas Choice, Lilith Fund, Texas Equal Access Fund, West Fund, and Dr. Bhavik Kumar are the plaintiffs. From the press release: “The lawsuit challenges abortion […]

Abortion Doctors Provide the Best Service in the Country

A recent Vice article out in June claims that “abortion provides are the best doctors in America” and we certainly agree! Reasons include clear financial counseling, affordability compared to most other medical procedures, and stability of cost over time. Abortion is also incredibly safe, with complication rates staying low across all trimesters of pregnancy. The […]

Study Finds Abortion Is Safe In All Stages of Pregnancy

The Safety and Quality of Abortion Care in the United States Report, released this month found that abortion is safe in the U.S. at every stage in pregnancy. The report also found abortions have no long-term consequences on a person’s mental or emotional health. One of the most compelling findings from the report was that […]

Dr. Grossman Explains Abortion Later in Pregnancy

Dr. Daniel Grossman of University of California, San Francisco took to twitter to lay down some cold hard facts about abortion later in pregnancy, or “third trimester abortions”. His tweet thread came in response to the 20 week abortion ban which failed to pass the Senate in January. Dr. Grossman dispelled some of the misinformation […]

Ohio City’s Last Abortion Clinic Will Stay Open

The Last abortion clinic in Toledo, Ohio was facing a bleak picture of the future. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled to uphold a 2014 ruling which shut down Capital Care Network because of the requirement that abortion clinics must have transferring privileges with a “local” hospital and that state funded public institutions could not work with […]

Tell Congress: Stop the Six-Week Abortion Ban

Sign the petition! The so-called “Heartbeat Protection Act” is a cynical attempt to outlaw abortion altogether while calling it something else. The bill contains no exceptions for the health and safety of a pregnant woman or victims of rape and incest. By making it a crime to give an abortion to a woman after just […]

Texas Abortion Fund Raising Money for Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

While we are only beginning to comprehend the devastation on the Gulf Coast, some women seeking abortion care are facing new barriers. The hurricane has caused severe obstacles for people accessing abortion care. Many people cannot make it to their appointments because of flooding and destruction. Some clinics cannot open due to damage from the […]

Dr. Curtis Boyd Gives In-Depth Interview

Dr. Curtis Boyd sat down for an in-depth interview with Joey Peters of the NM Political Review to speak about his life’s work: providing abortion care for over 50 years. Dr. Boyd talks about his moral reasoning for providing the service which he says is rooted in his Christianity. He explains that as a clinic,“Our role […]