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Top 10 Abortion Questions

How far in the pregnancy can I get an abortion? A few states, like New Mexico, do not restrict abortions based on gestational age, allowing physicians to assist patients later in pregnancy both in circumstances of their health and those of the fetus.  Abortions later in pregnancy, sometimes called “late-term abortions”, are only performed by […]

Pro Choice Resources

National Abortion Federation 1-800-772-9100 www.prochoice.org   Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice www.rcrc.org www.nmrcrc.org  New Mexico Chapter   Exhale: An after-abortion counseling talk line www.4exhale.org (866) 4 EXHALE   Catholics for Choice www.catholicsforchoice.org (202) 986-6093

Why A 20-Week Abortion Ban Is Scary For All Women

A mom and OB courageously shares her heartbreaking 20-week abortion experience and how she made the decision to end her pregnancy. “The atmosphere in the room changed. It changed from, “I can’t see…” to, “I should be seeing…”. He was using words like overriding and stenosis – words that I know, but wasn’t really hearing. […]

Anti-abortion Legislation Is About More Than Abortion

Bans on women having abortions hurt all women regardless of politics, religious views, and regardless of whether or not they have ever had or will ever have an abortion. Personhood measures set the legal basis for such Anti-abortion Legislation by defining fetuses, embryos, and fertilized eggs as independent legal entities separate from the women who […]

HB391: Forced Parental Notification of Abortion

(Trigger warning: this article mentions sexual assault and incest) Several teenagers lined up on Sunday to testify in support of HB391, the forced parental notification bill that would make young women unable to attain safe and legal abortions in New Mexico without having their parent or legal guardian being given a notification of abortion 48 hours in […]

Last abortion clinic in Mississippi Vandalized

The last abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, was badly vandalized Sunday night. The clinic released a statement on their website Monday morning: “This morning our staff showed up to our abortion clinic and found that it had been vandalized.  The security monitor we look at first thing in the mornings was blank. […]

TX law makes it harder to access safe abortion care

Jane’s Due Process (JDP), a non-profit that works to ensure legal representation for pregnant minors in Texas, identified six new pieces of legislature that would make it even more difficult for a TX minor to navigate the judicial bypass procedure and obtain a legal and safe abortion: “HB 2531 (Krause): Requires a number of onerous changes to the judicial bypass process including forcing teens […]

HB390 and HB391 limit women’s access to abortion services

This legislative session two bills were introduced that would limit women’s access to abortion services. HB390 is a bill that would prohibit women from having abortions after 20 weeks gestation and HB391 would prevent minors from obtaining abortions without first notifying their parent or legal guardian. Both bills passed through the republican-controlled house in early […]