Anti-abortion Legislation

Anti-abortion Legislation Is About More Than Abortion

Bans on women having abortions hurt all women regardless of politics,…
Parental Notification

HB391: Forced Parental Notification of Abortion

(Trigger warning: this article mentions sexual assault…
safe abortion care

TX law makes it harder to access safe abortion care

Jane’s Due Process (JDP), a non-profit that works…
Choose Life license plates

North Carolina judge rules “Choose Life” license plates unconstitutional

A North Carolina judge has ruled the anti-abortion “Choose…
Military Rape Victims

Military Rape Victims Access to Insurance Coverage for Abortion Services

The U.S. Senate, in a bipartisan vote, has passed a law extending…
anti-abortion laws

Michigan state legislature in the process of passing multiple restrictive anti-abortion laws

The Michigan state legislature has been on the war-path with…
Supreme Court

US Supreme Court hears arguments involving what the legal definition of a ‘Supervisor’ is.

The US Supreme Court recently heard arguments involving what…