20-Week Abortion

Why A 20-Week Abortion Ban Is Scary For All Women

A mom and OB courageously shares her heartbreaking 20-week…
Parental Notification

HB391: Forced Parental Notification of Abortion

(Trigger warning: this article mentions sexual assault…

Last abortion clinic in Mississippi Vandalized

The last abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi, the Jackson…
Supreme Court

US Supreme Court hears arguments involving what the legal definition of a ‘Supervisor’ is.

The US Supreme Court recently heard arguments involving what…
the pill

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says you shouldn't need a prescription for the pill

One of the nation's leading obstetrics groups has come out in…
The American Academy of Pediatrics has come out in defense of the "Morning After pill", i.e. Plan B or Next Choice.

American Academy of Pediatrics says Morning After Pill should be prescribed to teenagers before they need it.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has come out in defense of…

A Look into the GOP Candidates and Their Families

It is no secret that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, the Presidential…
reproductive rights

Effects of Republic efforts to take away reproductive rights

Our very own Dr. Curtis Boyd was recently highlighted in an article…
RNC convention

RNC convention in Tampa to denounce abortion

The Republican Party has made public their platform to denounce…
Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan can't shake damning past

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Mitt Romney’s chosen running mate,…