Abortion Doctors Provide the Best Service in the Country

A recent Vice article out in June claims that “abortion provides are the best doctors in America” and we certainly agree!

Reasons include clear financial counseling, affordability compared to most other medical procedures, and stability of cost over time. Abortion is also incredibly safe, with complication rates staying low across all trimesters of pregnancy.

The other key ingredient that allows abortion clinics to provide great service is patient centered care. This means treating patients with dignity and respect throughout all aspects of their care, from the first phone call to their follow up appointment. As one provider says:

You don’t work in an abortion clinic unless you love it. You can’t. You couldn’t come into work everyday being harassed, yelled at, having your life threatened… Many of our staff could leave and work elsewhere for twice as much money. But we love what we do because it allows our patients to live fully autonomous lives.


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