Clinic Counselor Benefits from Affordable Care Act! – So Can you.

My experience: Last Thursday (Aug 23) I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for my heart medication. All of my medication is on automatic refill, and I knew my birth control was ready to be picked up, but I only had enough money for one. When I went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist handed me both prescriptions and charged my account. At first I was confused, because I knew there was no way that would have gone through because I didn’t have the money. I looked at my receipt as I was leaving and discovered that my birth control was FREE!! I was so excited because I was planning on just doing without my birth control. Then I remembered the Affordable Care Act had become effective and my husband telling me my birth control was free, but living in Texas I had to see it to believe it. Well, I believe and I’m very grateful.