Anti-Abortion Measure

Opposing The Anti-Abortion Measure in Albuquerque


Join Us to Defeat the Anti-Abortion Ballot Measure

Recently, out of state organizations initiated the process in Albuquerque to put a  measure, on a ballot this fall, which would ban access to abortion in New Mexico.  These organizations are out of touch with New Mexico.  We trust women to make deeply personal and complex decisions about abortion, with their doctor and within their faith.

Southwestern Women’s Options has joined with other reproductive justice allies to ensure that abortion in New Mexico remains legal, safe and accessible.  We have formed an action plan and a coalition — a coalition that we hope will grow and strengthen over the next days and weeks — to defeat these efforts to jeopardize women’s health.

New Mexico has a history of trusting women – with the help of their families, their faith, and their physicians – to make these personal and complex decisions without interference or intrusion.  Every woman’s situation is unique and only she knows what is best for herself.

The intent of this measure is clear, to remove a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion.  A problem that has affected many places across the country.

Don’t let New Mexico fall victim to the out-of-state, aggressive initiative.  Please join us as we build a campaign to tell these out of touch groups that their attacks will not be tolerated here; go to





and most importantly,


Respecting New Mexico families means respecting the real-life decisions women face every day, and trusting them to do what is best for themselves and their loved ones.

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