anita perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s (R) wife Anita Perry says abortion is a “woman’s right”

Anita Perry personally disagrees with abortion yet considers it a “woman’s right…that is their decision.”

Gov. Perry has supported extensive abortion restriction laws passed by the state legislature.  His wife revealed in a interview with the Texas Tribune that it is difficult for her because she has a different view.


Photo Credits: Texas Tribune

Abortion after 20 weeks are no longer legal in Texas and extreme restrictions due to his effort has caused about 90% of the state’s clinics to close. Planned Parenthood of Texas has had funding cut and Texas Medicaid will not cover abortion except in instances of incest, rape, and when the mother’s life is endangered.

Unfortunately, the above cuts may cause women to delay abortions until after 20 weeks.  Travel expenses, out of pocket procedure cost, and fetal genetic testing often can’t identify major problems before 20 weeks.

Watch the video of Anita Perry discussing State Sen. Wendy Davis (D) marathon filibuster against her husband’s bill.