New Mexico Joins The National Day of Action to #StopTheBans

Reproductive health, rights, and justice advocates are up in arms over the severe abortion restrictions that several states are passing in their state legislatures. In places like Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri, lawmakers have signed legislation that makes abortion illegal after six weeks. In some of these cases there is not even an exception for victims of rape or incest. Some of these laws are the most severe we have seen in recent years. The law in Georgia makes it a murder charge to seek or provide and abortion, and people seeking abortion care out of the sate are still liable to be charged for “conspiracy to commit murder”. These outrageous laws are harmful to patients and their loved ones.

We know that we must fight so that abortion bans can never go into affect. The ACLU (America Civil Liberties Union) is suing states whose governors have signed unconstitutional abortion bans. They hope to stop these restrictions from going in to effect before they truly enacted.

New Mexico is joining the fight to demand a stop to abortion bans. In solidarity with the National Day of Action to #StopTheBans, The Respect NM Women coalition along with partners across the state are organizing two events in NM. The first is a march and rally in Albuquerque to be held at noon at Robinsion Park. The second is at noon in Las Cruces at Albert Johnson Park.

Please join us and stand up for the people in your community who may need abortion care in their lifetimes.


Albuquerque March and Rally

Tuesday May 21st @ noon

Robinson Park

810 Copper Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Las Cruces Rally

Tuesday May 21st @ noon

Albert Johnson Park

S Main St, Las Cruces, NM 88007