New Mexico Renews Its Commitment to Abortion Access

2017 Legislative Updates 

The 2017 New Mexico legislative session is drawing to a close, but fortunately the many harmful anti-abortion bills introduced by republican legislators have been tabled including:

  • HB 37 (Forced Medical Intervention)
  • HB 221 (Parental Notification of Abortion)
  • HB 220 and SB 183 (Partial and Late Term  Abortion Ban)
  • HB 464 (Report on Use of Fetal Tissue).

All of this proposed legislation would have limited access for women and families seeking abortion.

Luckily, in New Mexico we have leaders who respect a women’s ability to decided what is right for her and her family. Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero (D) spoke of her commitment to women during her vote against the 20 week ban in the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee on Sunday. She stated:

Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero District: 13, Bernalillo County

 “As an elected official, I really respect the right of our constituents to make the decisions they need to make to protect their families,”… “My Catholic faith teaches me women and men have the right to make their own decisions based on the dictum of their own consciences. I respect life in all forms, and I firmly believe these very deep and personal, complex decisions must remain with the woman, her doctors, her family and her faith, and certainly not in the chambers of government.”

Thank you, Rep. Roybal Caballero, for respecting the integrity of women.