The Atlantic Follows Dr. Shannon Carr to Our Dallas Clinic

Dr. Shannon Carr Photo Credit: The Atlantic

Dr. Shannon Carr travels between our Albuquerque and Dallas offices to provide compassionate abortion care for women. Dr. Carr makes the commute because there are few doctors in Texas willing to provide this vital service. Abortion doctors in Texas  are constantly harassed and inconvenienced by laws imposed by anti abortion fanatics.

In the film, Dr. Carr says “The work that I do is necessary, So why not talk about it? It’s gone on for centuries—it’s going to continue to go on—and all we do is keep stuffing it under the rug… “Some of these women walk in with life circumstances that are chaotic and very difficult, and it might be the first time in their life that somebody really looked into their eyes and gave a damn about them.”

The film also interviews anti abortion proponents and explores the ways in which anti abortion protesters, and anti abortion laws hinder women in Texas from accessing care.

You can watch the segment: The Traveling Abortion Doctor