Study Finds Abortion Is Safe In All Stages of Pregnancy

The Safety and Quality of Abortion Care in the United States Report, released this month found that abortion is safe in the U.S. at every stage in pregnancy. The report also found abortions have no long-term consequences on a person’s mental or emotional health. One of the most compelling findings from the report was that even though abortion procedures are very low risk, “abortion-specific regulations in many states create barriers to safe and effective care”. It is not the abortion itself that causes risk, but the barriers put in place to stop people from accessing abortion.

Some such laws are mandatory waiting periods which prolong access to care, thereby increasing the risks associated with the gestation of the pregnancy.  Much of the state mandated information required by law across the county is inaccurate. Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers, also called TRAP laws are medically unnecessary barriers, imposed for the sole purpose of obstructing abortion care. Each of these regulations make it harder and less safe for people seeking abortion care.

Hopefully this new data will help to dispel misinformation around the safety of abortion, and make it harder for anti abortion law makers to regulate abortion based on false notions.

You can read the full report HERE