4 Women Tell Their Stories About Abortion Later in Pregnancy

Women are coming forward to share their experiences on having an abortion later in pregnancy. The Cut spoke to 4 such women to show the complex circumstances people find themselves in when making a decision about ending a pregnancy after 20 weeks. 

“There are countless complex reasons someone might decide to get an abortion after 20 weeks. It is, according to those who’ve made that choice, something you can never fully understand until it’s happened to you. To get a better understanding of what’s really at stake in this debate, the Cut spoke to four women who had later abortions. Some felt conflicted afterwards; others simply felt relieved. But what they all had in common was a firm conviction that they’re the only ones who know what’s best for their bodies and their families, that this isn’t something that can be neatly legislated or moralized about, and that putting arbitrary restrictions around the ability to access reproductive health care is barbaric and inhumane.”

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