Abortion Insurance Coverage Lifts a Burden

SELF Magazine recently published an article about abortion coverage with insurance companies. They helped tell 2 stories about women who had insurance to help pay for their procedures. Both women express how much insurance coverage helped take some of the burden away from the already complex decisions they were faced with.

Once woman said that having the  “financial burden taken care of, [gave me a] sense of calm.” She said she was able to make her decision without the financial barrier looming over her.

The second women had more of a struggle with her insurance company. She had difficulty navigating the system to find out what they would cover. She expressed that her privilege as “solidly middle class,” allowed her “to take a whole day off work just to call people and get information,” and acknowledged that “If I was, say, reliant on a part-time salary, there’s no way in hell I could have done that.”

While insurance coverage can take away some of the burden, it is a complicated system that can leave people frustrated. Whats clear is that paying for an abortion is a huge barrier to access, and if more insurance companies covered the procedure, it could take some of the strain off women and families.


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