One Woman’s Story About Her Abortion at 21 Weeks

Robin and Jim, A couple from Missouri made a deeply personal decision to end their wanted pregnancy due to a fetal diagnosis of bilateral multicystic dysplastic kidney disease.

They faced many obstacles during their attempt to seek care and decided to write an opinion for the Washington Post. Robin also started a blog to talk about her experience and shed light on the deeply complex decision her family made. Part of her work is to compile stories from other women and families. To get involved, you can submit your story here.


Find the article here and blog here.


Excerpts from the opinion:

“We made the excruciating decision to terminate the pregnancy at 21 weeks and five days — nearly six months. We did this out of love: Terminating was the least painful and most humane thing we could do for her. We did all we could to take on the physical and emotional suffering ourselves, instead of allowing her to feel it.”

“If you believe you wouldn’t make the same choice we did, be grateful that you will probably never have to. But no one should force such a decision on anyone. This should be between you, your partner, your medical professionals and your higher power, if you believe in one.”