First Trimester Procedure

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Dallas, Texas

In compliance with Texas Senate Bill 8 of 2021, starting on September 1st 2021, our facility cannot provide abortions to patients with detectible embryonic or fetal cardiac activity, which typically starts at 6 weeks LMP. Please call us to discuss your options.

5 weeks LMP-14.0 weeks LMP (up to 3.0 BPD)

Due to state regulations, the entire first trimester process takes place over two days. The initial visit is a consultation with the physician and a session with a trained counselor. You should expect to be in the office for two to three hours on this first day. The law requires you wait at least 24 hours from that time before the procedure can occur.

The day of your procedure includes lab work, tests, and the abortion; this is usually completed in a two to three hour visit. The procedure will take between 5 to 25 minutes and consists of a cervical block, dilation of the cervix, and suction (aspiration) to remove the pregnancy.

If you are receiving moderate sedation you must have a driver on the day of the procedure. Your driver is required to enter the building and complete paperwork verifying that you will have a safe mode of transportation after your procedure.

If you do not have a driver, you can elect not to receive sedation, or arrange for medical transportation service.

Please call for current prices and information. As you review them, keep in mind that abortion is a medical procedure involving your health, your body, and your mind. Our fee includes necessary tests, counseling, and sedation. Other clinics may not provide these additional steps or include them in their stated fee. At Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center, there are no hidden costs for comprehensive care. So before you make a decision solely on price, we encourage you to consider the importance of value.

Aftercare Instructions

• After the abortion you may eat and drink normally. We recommend avoiding heavy lifting or strenuous activity for one week, if possible, as it may increase your bleeding. Most importantly, listen to your body and limit activities that increase any discomfort.
• Please put NOTHING in the vagina for at least 7 days.
• Do not have intercourse.
• Do not use tampons; use sanitary pads only.
• Do not douche.

Follow-up appointments are not required for most patients, but may be advised by the medical staff. You may follow up with us in person, by phone, or with your own physician. At our office, this appointment is provided at no cost to you.

Every woman bleeds differently. You may have irregular bleeding or spotting off and on until you have your first period 4-8 weeks after the procedure. Bleeding may be very light or up to a moderate period – or you may have no bleeding at all. This is all normal.

It is possible to get pregnant before your first period begins, so it is important to begin whatever method of birth control you have chosen soon after your procedure. Hormonal birth control methods such as pills, the Depo Provera injection, the Nuva Ring, and the Ortho Evra Patch, may change your menstrual cycle. If you have questions, please call the office.

Be sure to call if:

• Your bleeding is heavier than the heaviest flow of a normal period
• You continue to have heavy bleeding longer than two weeks after your abortion
• Your temperature is ever 100.4 degrees or more
• You have any foul-smelling vaginal discharge
• You have severe pain, or pain unlike menstrual cramps, that is not relieved by pain medication taken as directed routinely for 24 hours
• You soak through two regular pads or one overnight pad every hour for two hours or more
• If you are experiencing multiple large blood clots (the size of an orange) for more than two hours