Procedure Overview for a Medication Abortion

Medical records paperwork: We will ask you to give us information about the parts of your medical history that are important for safe abortion care. Please be complete and honest. This information is confidential and we are here to help you, not judge you.

Ultrasound: We will do an ultrasound to confirm that you are pregnant. We will be able to see how far along the pregnancy is so we will know if you qualify for a medication abortion. Whether or not you look at the ultrasound is a personal decision and completely up to you. Please tell the nurse what you prefer. If you want a photo, please ask during the ultrasound and we will print one for you.

Counseling: You will have a chance to talk with one of our counselors. You are in control of the counseling session. You are not under any pressure to discuss anything you do not want to. Your counselor is there to answer any questions or concerns you might have about birth control, pregnancy, sexuality, violence or threats of violence. she will also explain about your procedure, go over risks and benefits and answer your questions.

Information: You will get paperwork describing medication abortion. You cancel will go over it with you and answer any questions you may have. The names of the medications that are used for this type may be confusing because they are so similar.

  • Mifepreistone is also known as “Mifeprex,” “Mife,” “RU486,” and the “early options pill.” It is the pill you swallow in the office. It stops the development of the pregnancy.
  • Misoprostol is also knows as “Miso.” You will put it in your cheek at home. It will make your uterus cramp and expel the pregnancy.

Lab Test: We will test you for your blood type and for anemia also we will check your blood pressure pulse and temperature.

Medications: We will give you the to take in the office and will give to you the to take home with you. We will also give you very detailed instructions about what to expect, risks and benefits, and how to take the medication, and want to call us

Follow Up: Your follow-up is very important. We will give you an appointment date, and the time before you leave. If you are not able to keep this appointment please call us so that we can make arrangements.