Parental Consent

Texas laws require parental consent if you are under 18, and not married. There is a state produced consent form that must be completed by the minor patient and one of her parents; it must also be notarized. Notaries are available at our clinic; the parent must have a current (not expired) government issued identification in order for their signature to be notarized.

If obtaining parental consent is a problem for you, we can help you with information about obtaining a judicial bypass. Call us for details.

24-hour waiting period & sonogram

Required by Texas law, a patient seeking a termination must receive state mandated information and a sonogram from her doctor at the clinic at least 24 hours before she can legally have an abortion. This information is required by law to be given privately and in person. Compliance with this law requires a patient a clinic visit at least two times pending on gestation.

If you live 100 miles or more from a clinic, you may be eligible to receive some of the information by phone. On the day of your appointment, a sonogram would be preformed. At that point, you must wait 2 hours before you can have the abortion. This exception is also part of Texas law.

More information about the “Woman’s Right to Know Act” can be found at

Be sure to call the clinic for instructions on how to schedule your appointment.

You must also receive written information regarding state licensing. You can do this by clicking here, and performing a license search.

** On the date of your abortion appointment you will sign a certification form from the Texas Department of State Health Services indicating that you received a sonogram and specific information from your doctor 24 hours in advance.