Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico is open and scheduling abortion appointments. Abortion is still legal in the state of New Mexico! Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas has been forced to stop providing abortion services until further notice but remains open to provide other reproductive services. Our clinics continue to provide compassionate, high-quality care for those who need it.

Southwestern Women’s Center

Dallas, Texas

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Formerly named the Fairmount Center, Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center (SWSC) was founded in 1973 by Dr. Curtis Boyd.  It was the first facility in Texas to provide high-quality, low-cost outpatient abortion care.  Since its inception, SWSC has always fought to maintain abortion access for pregnant Texans.

After the United States Supreme Court issued their decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on June 24, 2022, clinics in Texas and many surrounding states have been forced to stop providing abortion services.  However, SWSC remains open and is committed to providing a safe space for pregnant persons seeking abortion to learn about their legal abortion options out-of-state, receive follow-up care, and obtain other reproductive services such as contraceptive management and diagnosis and management of pregnancy loss.

Services available at our Dallas clinic:
  • Free urine pregnancy testing
  • Ultrasound for pregnancy dating
  • Miscarriage management
  • Medically accurate information about legal abortion options out-of-state
  • Follow-up care after procedure or medication abortion
  • STI testing and treatment
  • Contraceptive management (including IUD placement/removal, implant removal)

Please contact us to discuss how we can best help you access abortion care.

Southwestern Women’s Options

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Curtis Boyd, M.D. has been providing pregnancy termination services in New Mexico since June 1972, shortly after abortion services were legalized in New Mexico. Dr. Boyd worked closely with Clergy Consultation for Problem Pregnancies, a national organization dedicated to providing safe abortions and he was one of the first physicians to provide high quality, low cost outpatient procedures in the southwest.

Southwestern Women’s Options has been providing abortions in all trimesters since 2010 when Dr. Susan Robinson (retired) and Dr. Shelley Sella (retired), both Board Certified Ob/Gyns and former colleagues of Dr. George Tiller, joined our practice.

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