Fetal Anomaly Program

Fetal Indications

We recognize that patients carrying a baby with fetal abnormalities have specific and unique needs, and we have services geared especially for you. We work closely with genetics counselors and Maternal – Fetal Medicine specialists to meet requests for fetal testing.

With the help of our specialists, we offer individual counseling where we discuss the feelings surrounding a fetal indication termination of a loved pregnancy. We also provide outside resources for support surrounding your pregnancy decision.

Prior to the abortion, we discuss the patient’s wishes for saying goodbye to the baby and make a plan to assist with their wishes. Commemorating the pregnancy is an essential part of the process so we offer a memory box as a keepsake for our patients at no additional charge.

Additionally, we can assist with funeral arrangements for burial or cremation at the patient’s request.


We are located in the center of Albuquerque, less than 10 minutes from Albuquerque International airport, the train station and the bus terminal. The clinic is an outpatient facility with no overnight accommodations. Several hotels in the area offer transportation to and from appointments, the airport, and the bus and train terminals. Check with your hotel to determine if they are available to help with your transportation needs and if they offer a discounted rate for a medical stay.

Please call if you need assistance with arrangements for transportation to the clinic or a hotel stay.