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As many as one in four people with the ability to get pregnant will have an abortion in their lifetime. Southwestern Women’s Options is proud to provide high-quality, low-cost abortion care. We are committed to helping our patients navigate this process using a multidimensional approach, focusing on safety, effectiveness, patient centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, and equity. We strive to do so with dignity and respect.

Southwestern Women’s Services

Abortion Services

Abortion is a safe and common medical procedure. The abortion pill, in-clinic first trimester abortion, second trimester abortion and induction abortion are the different kinds of abortion services currently available in the United States.

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Get abortion pills online in New Mexico! Southwestern Women’s Options proudly offers the medication abortion via telemedicine for patients with New Mexico addresses.

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Fetal Anomaly Program

We understand that ending a pregnancy after a diagnosis of a fetal anomaly comes with unique challenges. We offer individual counseling where we discuss the feelings surrounding a fetal indication termination of a loved pregnancy.

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Miscarriage Management

We understand that you may have questions if you are experiencing a miscarriage.Our team is here to provide miscarriage management specially tailored to your individual needs.

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Free Pregnancy Testing

We offer free pregnancy testing at Southwestern Women’s Options from Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm. This service does not require an appointment. 

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We provide dating ultrasounds to confirm the gestational age and size of the pregnancy. These services are performed by our highly trained registered nurses and providers.

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Caring Professional Consultation

We offer private, individual consulations with our experienced and compassionate medical staff to help our patients process their decision. We provide a safe, dedicated space for our patients to identify their concerns about pregnancy, sexuality and contraceptive care. Additionally, patients who select an in-clinic abortion can get supportive care and relaxation techniques to ease their procedure.

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Contraceptive options are an integral part of total reproductive healthcare. We offer a variety of contraception and provide an opportunity to discuss what might be best for you.

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