Fetal Indications Program

(Albuquerque, New Mexico only)

We recognize that patients carrying a baby with fetal abnormalities have specific and special needs and we have services geared especially for you. We work closely with genetics counselors and Maternal – Fetal Medicine specialists to meet requests for fetal testing. We offer individual and group counseling where we discuss the feelings surrounding a fetal indications termination of a loved pregnancy.

Prior to the abortion, we discuss the patient’s wishes for saying goodbye to her baby and make a plan to accommodate her wishes. We offer a memory box containing a receiving blanket, footprints, a certificate of stillbirth and photos. Many women and their support choose to view the baby the day following their third trimester induction abortion. We can help with arrangements for burial or cremation.


Second trimester dilation and evacuation (D&E) procedures are performed beginning at 14 weeks LMP (3.0cm BPD). The cervix is prepared over several days with laminaria. This is followed by an aspiration (suction) and evacuation of the uterus by the physician.

Third trimester induction procedures are performed beginning at 24 weeks LMP (5.87cm BPD). Prior to arrival in Albuquerque, all testing and ultrasounds results that have been done will need to be sent to our office, and a basic health history will be obtained. On the first day, an ultrasound will be done to date the pregnancy and your full medical history will be taken. This is followed by counseling and lab work. After meeting with the doctor and signing consents, the process is started by inserting laminaria to gently dilate the cervix. Laminaria is sterile, compressed seaweed that is inserted into the cervical canal. The laminaria expand by absorbing natural moisture in the cervix. On the first day, an injection of Digoxin will be administered to stop the fetal heartbeat. A second, and possibly third, insertion of laminaria will be used to further dilate the cervix as needed. Medication is also used to help soften the cervix. This process may need to be repeated the following day if the cervix has not made enough progression. Once the cervix is ready, medications will be administered which will start labor and result in the delivery of a stillborn.


The clinic is an outpatient facility with no overnight accommodations. Several hotels in the area offer discounted rates for a medical stay. A hotel in the area provides transportation to and from appointments and airport, bus and train terminals. We are located in the center of Albuquerque less than 10 minutes from both the airport and from the train and bus terminals. Please call if you need help with arrangements, transportation to the clinic or a hotel stay.

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